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License fees are written off for over 200,000 tradies as part of a new government policy worth $50million

  • A tradie applying to renew their license will not have to foot the usual fee
  • The scheme is set to save a trade or specialist contractor $235 and a builder $465
  • Benefitting a huge total of 200,000 license holders across NSW from a collated $50million

Some uplifting news for NSW tradies this week during the trying circumstances of the Coronavirus crisis, as usual fees are completely eradicated for any tradesperson that is needing to renew their license.

These fees would usually leave a trade or specialist contractor $235 or builder $465 out of pocket, and this government order is expected to save around 200,000 license holders a huge collective total of 50 million dollars.

During a time when financial stability is critical, this is a welcomed support for labourers affected by plummeting business due to the lockdown regulations implemented to help fight against COVID-19.

NSW Minister for Finance and Small Business, Damien Tudehope commented: 'Whether they be plumbers, carpenters or builders, those people are so important to the recovery of this state after we get through this period. When we emerge from this crisis we need every tradie with us for the recovery process.'

Premier Gladys Berejiklian stated: 'These fee waivers will deliver much-needed relief for small businesses, at a time when cash flow is crucial.'

The entertainment and hospitality sectors have also experienced similar financial respite as liquor licenses and some SafeWork NSW and NSW Fair Trading Fees and charges have been postponed for a period of 12 months.

This government response will be a huge relief for small businesses and tradespeople who are struggling to keep their head above water financially; and it is uplifting to witness essential workers receiving recognition and crucial support from state leaders during the crisis to help see the country through to recovery. Looking to obtain your trades license? Speak to one of our consultants today who will be able to guide you on the right track.

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