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2020 has seen an almost global shift in the way we work. No industry has avoided the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the world, we have seen individuals move towards working from their own homes. Companies have had minimal preparation to move and connect their employees from different, remote locations in order to keep day-to-day operations going.

And it hasn’t been any different in Australia. For workers in Victoria, many have not seen their office walls since March and even in other states with lower restrictions, working in an office space is not the same as before. All current trends indicate that moving forward, a much bigger percentage of the workforce will embrace remote workstations.

Preparing to Work Remotely

In seems remiss for any company to overlook quality software and technology that allows for remote working capabilities. Whether you are currently in an office or not, the world has shown us how quickly things can change; so, it’s important that all workplaces are ready to shift to remote working if needed.

Now is the best time for companies to work with the Chief IT Officers (CIO’s) and come up with a remote working strategy that’s tailored to your workforce. Some key aspects to consider:

  • Cloud-based business operations should be ready to go
  • A clear and comprehensive Data and Privacy Policy when working from home
  • Quality collaboration tool software that can handle high traffic volumes
  • Remote-access infrastructure needs to be robust enough to handle all employees shifting to remote work

If you manage to set up your remote-working solutions and have comprehensive and easy-to-follow guides for your employees, there should be minimal issues with workflow and efficiency even when needing to coordinate things remotely.

What does the Future of Work Look Like?

This pandemic has given many workers the time to get used to working from home and learn how that set up might work around their lives. Even managers have had to shift their perception of what leading a team looks like and giving their employees more freedom and accountability through remote working.

Even in the aftermath of this crisis, it is likely that many companies will embrace flexible working policies that allow their employees to work from home when necessary. And without the threat of a pandemic, many individuals are sure to better enjoy the lack of commute time and being around family more.

There has never been a better time to embrace the possibilities of how to make day-to-day activities work with online systems and the internet. Even at Skills Certified, our partner RTOs have a number of qualifications that can be completed remotely and online from the convenience of your home. One step at a time, we will shift our way towards making the future of remote working one we can all enjoy and benefit from.

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