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When considering training qualifications for pursuing work, nationally recognised qualifications have the distinct advantage of being usable across Australia. Registered training organisations (RTO) can issue these kinds of qualifications with courses that have been accredited under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

Properly understanding how to transfer these skills can be difficult due to different state legislation, however. Because of this, the experts at Skills Certified provide you with the information necessary to make the process as simple to understand as possible.

The advantages of registered training organisations

This benefit of registered training organisations means that students wanting to potentially look for work interstate – whether in the immediate future or long-term – can be confident that they will not require additional training. This means both time and money saved for these students, allowing them to very quickly enter the workplace in another state with little trouble.

Although non-RTOs can offer training, they are unable to issue nationally recognised training qualifications, which makes it all the more important to seek out RTOs when seeking out training.

Recognising TAFE qualifications

For those who have already completed a TAFE course, the creation of Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) in 1998 allowed for many TAFE courses to be recognised across Australia. Similar courses with the same competencies are relatively simple to be recognised for, although the competencies in some older courses could be quite different from state to state when applying for recognition.

How to go about transferring nationally recognised qualifications

Applying for National Recognition allows for completed units of competency to be recognised by RTOs in other states. National Recognition is a system in which RTOs recognise each other's training programs where possible in order to allow for the transferal of skills.

This recognition simply involves the individual providing a Statement of Competencies that was previously given by your initial training provider to your new provider – in this instance a provider that is interstate.

Looking to apply for nationally recognised qualifications?

Skills Certified can get you on track to securing your own qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning. The initial assessment takes place after a very quick and simple free skills check, after which you could very well be on your way achieving a nationally recognised qualification through Skills Certified Australia and its partner Registered Trade Organisations.

If you have any further questions about nationally recognised qualifications, make sure to get in touch with the team at Skills Certified today. 
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