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If you’re looking to change your career and your financial situation, 2018 has some exciting opportunities in store. Despite overall depressed wage growth, there are a number of industries that are beating the averages and are set to offer people exceptional pay rises throughout the year.

Covering a diverse area of the economy and with positions available for certificate holders and university graduates, this list of high-earning, high-potential roles should excite anyone looking for a change in the new year. Read on and know where your next job is going to be with this blog from Skills Certified.


A winner for decades, the information and communications technology (ICT) sector has always been short of talent but very willing to pay for it. Leading the pack in 2018 in overall year on year predicted salary growth are business development managers, who are set to see their salaries grow by nearly a third from $150,000 to $220,000. Digital designers will be similarly well compensated, with their wages growing by 30 per cent from $120,000 to $170,000. There’s money to be made further down the totem pole in more junior roles such as IT developers and test analysts, who can both expect raises of more than 17 per cent over the industry average of $90,000.

Finance & insurance

Always a lucrative industry, banking and finance continues to put individuals closer to money in more than a few ways. The insurance and superannuation sector as a whole led a recent study by SEEK that identified the industries with the fastest growing salaries between June and September of 2017, putting an additional 5.2 per cent of gross in the pocket of the average worker. Not to break the trend, bank assistant managers are also set to see their wages grow by as much as 18 per cent, with the average wage across the banking sector growing at 3.3 per cent every quarter.


For those who want a more hands-on approach to their work day but still want to enjoy a fine quality of life, the infrastructure and construction sectors are booming. Site managers will see their wages rise by nearly a fifth at 19 per cent from $130,000 to $160,000, and project directors and construction managers can both expect significant raises of 17 per cent through 2018 with some smart manoeuvring.

If you’re looking to give yourself the edge that will see you not just reap the aforementioned benefits but beat the average wage increase, talk to the team at Skills Certified to find out how our RPL course could see you with a valuable new certification sooner.

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