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Australia truly is a land of opportunity. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly a secret, and an ever-increasing amount of people are chasing after them. So how do you make yourself standout, especially when you’ve only recently moved here? Well, employers aren’t going to be doing anyone any favours, and are going to make their recruitment process as comprehensive as possible to find the right candidate. This means they will want to see some quality experience in the field, and, of course, a set of prerequisite qualifications. For some, this might mean enrolling in costly and time-consuming courses to make themselves eligible. For those who already have the skills but not the qualifications, that’s where Skills Recognition can help.

What are Skills Recognition services?

If you currently reside in Australia and seek formal recognition of your skills and experience in an industry, due to a lack of Australian vocational education and training, Skills Recognition services could be the answer. They will assess the skills gained outside formal pathways, such as those received in overseas training, against Australian competency standards. If deemed acceptable, then you will receive credits against the qualifications.

Qualifications & Experience

Even entry-level positions come with a long list of demands on their job descriptions. Five years’ experience in the industry, couple of degrees, maybe even past cases of how you have applied your skills. According to a study conducted by job search site Talent Works, in which they analysed over 6,000 applicants in 118 industries throughout various databases, it is of course important to meet a job listing’s stipulations, but a candidate is just as likely to score an interview matching 50% of the desired features as one with 90% or higher. Why is this? Well, job descriptions begin with the core things employers need, and is then filled with add-ons to try to whittle out the poor fits in things like culture. Qualifications and experience are these core elements to demonstrate you know how to do the job. With Skills Recognition services, you can potentially use your experience to gain the necessary qualifications, and by extension, greater job opportunities in Australia.

Speak with the Professionals

If you would like to learn more about Skills Recognition, contact the friendly team at Skills Certified today by calling 13 17 75, sending an email to [email protected], or leaving your details on our easy to complete online enquiry form.

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