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Trying to secure a job can be such an overwhelming and tiring process. Months of writing in applications and cover letters, trying to connect with the right people on LinkedIn and feeling dejected at barely any responses. The whole process can get draining and leave you feeling hopeless.

Here we have a few simple tips that can help you stay motivated while you search for a job.

Schedule in Breaks

The first step is to actually create a routine or schedule to stick to. Often when searching for jobs, we tend to apply for positions whenever we feel like. And this can create a sense of panic as we feel like we should be applying to them any moment we are not doing anything.

It’s important to schedule in times for a break and for when you focus on writing in applications. It can be as simple as any time before 4pm is reserved for applications. And after 4pm is when you take breaks and do some things for yourself or indulge and binge watch a couple of episodes of your favourite TV show.

Organisation and structure can help your mind feel more calm and able to tackle the task of writing all those cover letters.

Seek Constructive Criticism

Often it can feel like job hunting should be done in solitary. But this is far from the truth. Reach out to your friends, family, ex-colleagues or even make a LinkedIn post asking for advice on how to make your resume better. If you don’t get through on an application, consider sending an email to the hiring manager asking for feedback.

This can help you have something to look towards. The more information and help you get, the more insight you have on how to do better the next time around. Plus, it helps you think of this as practice, every time you do it again, you’re doing it better. And that’s definitely something to celebrate.

Make a List of Your Achievements

The experience of searching for a job can very easily make you feel like a failure, especially if you keep getting rejections. You are most definitely not a failure and it is important to keep reminding yourself this. A simple way to do this is to list down all your achievements: from getting an interview to completing 3 applications in a day or even if you took a break to cook yourself a fancy dinner.

Remind yourself that you are doing great things every day even if they are small things.

Let Skills Certified Help You with the Right Qualifications

Another great way to help in your job search process is to focus on developing your own skills.

If you find the jobs, you’re applying to ask for qualifications you might not have, consider getting an RPL that can help certify you have the skills and experience relevant to your trade. Talk to our team today to find out how we can help.

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