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It is a well-known fact that COVID-19 has shaken up the employment market, with many facing job losses or significant damage to business and income. Some have had to make the important decision to take a new direction in their career path in order to keep an income through the door and prepare for the workforce of the future post COVID-19.

Rather than taking unemployment as a negative, thousands have been inspired by new opportunities and taken matters into their own hands, looking towards self-employment as an option for livelihood and a source of earnings.

Unforeseen job losses have inspired creative thinking for many individuals who have looked inside themselves to forge and establish new ideas to keep themselves afloat. Fresh business ideas, the rethinking of old business models and reigniting forgotten passions and interests have created an influx of new small businesses successfully coming onto the labour market as a result of the challenges of COVID-19.

It can seem daunting though, to embark on new ventures without support or direction, and so many have turned to Accredited Small Business Training and Business Vocation Courses which provide support, skills, training and confidence for individuals new to the self-employment realm. Helping people start their own business and make it a success, offering practical advice and training including world-renowned, specific and accredited small business training, and personalised mentoring and support.

Taking a Business Course can be the vital difference between achieving success with your business that may have been a struggle or confusion without that structure and support. Such as simply being able to correctly and successfully write a future business plan and a clear calendar of achievements needed to reach deadlines and certain goals. These fundamental learnings can give you the push to be your own boss, work for yourself and reap the benefits of your own independent hard work.

Written by Sophie Cunningham; 1st September 2020

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