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Being a Tradie Could Make You Far Happier than Other Professions

Are you happy in your job? In this blog, Skills Certified Australia explore how being a tradie could make you happier than other professions....

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23 August 2019

HALT: Hope Assistance Local Tradies

Suicide does not discriminate. It does not have preferences based on gender, occupation, age – members from every walk of life can fin....

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16 November 2018

Survey: Tradies Care More About Their Tools Than Themselves

Last August we saw the launch of Tradies National Health Month, and with it, some concerning findings from the Empirica Research Survey comm....

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18 October 2018

Tradies, We Need to Talk | Mental Health in Construction

Mental health is highly problematic for males in Australia - the suicide rate for males is currently three times greater than for females.....

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05 September 2018

Maintaining a life/study balance

With the pressure of upcoming deadlines, completing coursework, paying for maintenance, trying to enjoy life and spend time with friends and....

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09 January 2017