What Will Australia’s Workforce Look Like in 5 years?

Times change, people change, the world can change in an instant. Sociological changes can have staggering snowballing effects on all aspects....

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02 September 2020

How Skills Recognition can Help Improve Work Opportunities in Australia

Australia truly is a land of opportunity. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly a secret, and an ever-increasing amount of people are chas....

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12 November 2019

How to Land that Job

Gone are the days when you wrote a few sentences on a piece of paper and mailed it in with a smile on your face. With the world as ever chan....

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05 August 2019

The Tradie Rich List (Australia’s Highest Paid Tradies)

The 2018 Financial Year was a sumptuously fruitful one for many Aussie tradies. Thanks to a recent survey conducted by

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23 October 2018

Recognising Australia’s most cashed up tradies

With rates for trades continuing to rise, Skills Certified take a look at a few of the trades that have had the largest growth in the 2018 f....

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19 July 2018

The Industries To Be In To Make The Most Money In 2018

If you’re looking to change your career and your financial situation, 2018 has some exciting opportunities in store.....

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19 February 2018

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