Overcoming the Skills Shortage in the Automotive Industry

Australia is experiencing a skills shortage in the automotive industry. By the end of 2017, the majority of car manufacturing plants on home....

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04 March 2019

8 Things We Want to Know About Our Tradies!

Although most tradies in the industry are hardworking, noble folk, there are a few bad apples out there leaving a sour taste in the mouths o....

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27 February 2019

Top Business Tips for Tradies

Sometimes simply doing the job isn’t enough to nurture a growing business into fruition. Here are Skills Certified’s top busines....

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30 November 2018

Three Fast Growing Industries To Look Out For In 2018

With Australia’s unemployment rate hitting an almost half-decade low of 5.4  per cent , there may be workers out there feeling mo....

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05 January 2018

What Is the Australian Building and Construction Commission?

While  it  was such a bone of political contention throughout 2016, many people are confused by the role that the Australian Build....

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05 January 2018

What It Really Takes To Start Your Own Business

So many people dream of starting their own  business,  but have no idea how to go from working for someone else at a 9 to 5 to&nbs....

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28 September 2017

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