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With Australia’s unemployment rate hitting an almost half-decade low of 5.4 per cent, there may be workers out there feeling more optimistic about jumping ship into a new industry. It could be the right time to be considering it – January and the beginning of the calendar year are always periods of high turnover, with companies looking to get the quarter off to a bang with some fresh talent.

While it is overall a good time to be a job seeker, there are some industries that are set to really take off in the new year. If you’ve ever considered a role in any of the below sectors, 2018 may be the year for you to make your dreams a reality. Read on and start narrowing down your search for your next job.

Child care

A falling unemployment rate means a lot of things – increased market optimism and higher levels of consumer spending being two big ones – but it also generally leads to a rise in the number of vacancies in the child care industry. As more parents gain jobs, they’ll naturally be looking for someone to look after their little ones while they’re at work. The Department of Employment is projecting that between now and 2022, the number of employment opportunities in child care is projected to grow by nearly 15 per cent, opening up thousands of new jobs in the next five years.


Driven by a meteoric growth in e-commerce and a rapidly increasing globalisation of business, the logistics industry is booming. With customers demanding more and faster deliveries and even new, small businesses cultivating global customer bases, it’s never been a better time to be a link in a company’s supply chain. The same Department of Employment projections are predicting a growth in the industry of more than 6 per cent, with opportunities open for both Certificate and Diploma holders.

Hospitality management

With service the fastest growing industry in the country – with general clerks making up the fastest growing role in Australia – there has to be someone to manage all of those workers. Café and Restaurant Managers consistently rank in the top five manager occupations, with nearly 70,000 Australians currently in the role. The sector as a whole is projected to grow by 11.2 per cent between now and 2022, opening up many opportunities for workers.

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