About Skills Certified Australia

Turn your experience and skills into recognised qualifications with the help of Skills Certified Australia.




What we’re about

Our vision is to be the trusted sector leader in guiding skilled workers to achieve their career goals. Skills Certified is run by industry leaders who recognise that the right guidance can transform your career. Our mission is to empower people to use their prior education, training and skills to get the recognition they need, ultimately, creating new opportunities for their future.
Our focus on compliance ensures our partners and customers feel safe. We do this by providing expert guidance to get the certification you need for a new future.
By filling the gaps in your training, you can train yourself in new areas in the industry. By getting certification, you will have formal qualifications for your past experiences. Our certifications can take you one step closer to state and federal licences. As a licensed and registered professional, your work opportunities and career path can grow exponentially.


We Value