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Tax Time Tradie Tips

07th June 2019

Tax time is a tough time. It can be difficult to ensure you are getting the best return possible when there are so many factors to consider. Do you have all of the receipts you need? When does your accountant have time to see you? Can you really claim your sunnies? 

Claiming tax can be great! As long as it is done legally.There are so many advantages, especially for tradies, who often pay for work-related expenses out of their own pocket and are able to use this time to be reimbursed for the extra tax they pay. But, with such long work days and fast approaching deadlines, tradespeople find themselves with little spare time and energy to get their receipts in order.

To minimise the stress and confusion of what you can and can’t claim, we’ve compiled a few of the top tax time tips for tradies!

  1. Transport
    Did you know that if you are required to carry your tools with you for work purposes, you are eligible to claim running expenses for your car? That can include fuel and servicing.
  2. Tools under $300
    Generally, if a tool costs less than $300, you are able to claim 100% of that tool as a deduction in the year it was purchased. Just make sure you keep the receipt!
  3. Protective equipment
    If you require any type of protective equipment to perform your job safely, it’s tax deductible. This includes, steel capped boots, gloves, high-vis clothing, hard hats - even sunnies and sunscreen if you work outside!
  4. Your laundry
    Laundry expenses are claimable if you’re required to wear a uniform that has a company name or logo on it. It’s estimated that you can claim roughly $1 per load of washing, but this can vary.
  5. Training, licences, and certifications
    If you need to undergo any extra training or obtain any licences and/or certifications, these are also tax deductible - as long as they relate to your current role. 

Remember, every trade industry has different requirements. This means that some items may not be applicable to your personal circumstances. If you are ever unsure, double check before claiming to avoid any nasty fines from the ATO.