Skills Certified Australia Call Center Training

Because we know it works.

Solve Problems and Motivate Results-Driven Staff

The call centre is a fast-paced environment with unique challenges, especially where quality and consistency are concerned. Some of the problems that are common in the call centre, include:

  • inconsistency in promoting and upselling
  • fluctuating or non-existent loyal customer base
  • low attrition
  • unmotivated staff
  • inconsistent sales results
  • team leaders wasting time on troubleshooting

Instead of managers micro-managing call centre staff, invest in training which embeds a culture of consistency within the sales team.

Take Advantage of the Global Shift in Call Centre Training

Every day, thousands of new call centre consultants are being hired in this exponentially growing industry. With some call centres turning over extremely high numbers, companies risk customer service hits by only hiring overseas agents. In such a competitive field, it is crucial to take advantage of a professional call centre training program that can solve problems and increase your results. 

Improved Service and Sales Performance with Skills Call Centre Training & Coaching

We focus on the process of skills development and workplace coaching to help you retain key practices and skills even with attrition. Our commitment to you includes:

  • Strengthened relationship building skills and sales management.
  • Consistently high levels of customer service. 
  • Improved revenues, by focusing on providing solutions to your clients' needs, decision making processes and buying behaviours.
  • Increased velocity of sales opportunities, conversion and closure.
  • Sustaining and increasing your client base.
  • Boosting gross margins and revenues through improved sales training.

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