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Have you recently thought of starting a business? Would you like to know why you require certain licenses and permits? Well, the answer is quite simple really; every establishment requires a permit to legally operate in peace. In fact, licenses are considered mandatory in almost every country around the world. Not having one can put you on the wrong side of the law. So why are business licenses and permits strongly required to run your business smoothly? This is because they:

  • Issue you with a greater sense of accountability for your tasks.
  • Prioritise and protect the health and safety of the public.
  • Monitor your finances when any task issues arise.

One of the biggest problems facing most start-ups is failing to be tax compliant with their registrations, licenses and lastly, their permits. Failure of compliance usually leads to the closure of businesses. In fact, without a license or permit, the local municipal county may most likely:

  • Hinder you from opening your business in a new premise or location
  • Incur costly fines and penalties for failure to hinder to government rules and you may be prosecuted.

In regard to that, here are a few licenses and permits that are essential to have for you to rightly start your business

  • Business license - A license that is usually issued out by the local government to allow a contractor to start their business.
  • Building permit - This is a permit issued by the local government that allows construction to take place in a specified area, or for more materials to be added onto a pre-existing structure.
  • Health Department Permit - As the name signifies, a health permit is one that is issued by the local government to determine whether a given building or structure is fit for human occupation. This is to check whether the building is stable and poses no health risk to other people.
  • Fire Department permit - A fire department permit is one that is used to assess whether essential firefighting equipment in a building is present and up to date. 

Having these permits and others are essential in preparing your business and setting it up without any worries at all. In fact, getting permits will help you maintain your business and avoiding any legal battles with your local municipal council. If you would like to find out more about the different type of permits required for your business, contact Skills Certified and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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