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Licensing Limitations Snipped for Hairdressers & Tradies

At present, there stands a web of conflicting and contradictory state barriers and fees surrounding licensing for tradespeople that hinder t....

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01 September 2020

License fees are written off for NSW tradies

License fees are written off for over 200,000 tradies as part of a new government policy worth $50million....

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16 April 2020

How to Get Your Building Licence with RPL

It is the dream of many to be out in the world, building something with their hands so one day they can look back and see the tangible resul....

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18 November 2019

Applying For A Concreting License

With construction one of the fastest growing industries in the Australian economy, more people than ever are looking for innovative ways....

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05 January 2018

How To Get A Plumbing License In QLD

Always in demand, becoming a plumber is one of the most intelligent decisions a tradesperson could make. To ensure that workers across the s....

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23 October 2017

How To Obtain A Painter’s Licence In NSW

New South Wales offers exceptional opportunities for anyone involved in the construction industry – a rapidly expanding population and....

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06 June 2017

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