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Thinking about going FIFO? In this blog, the experts at Skills Certified are briefly turning their attention away from Recognition of Prior Learning and focus on the pros and cons of the FIFO lifestyle.


Mining companies offer incredibly lucrative salaries to match the long hours and remote conditions present on worksites, not to mention covering living costs, such as meals, accommodation and travel expenses. But what other benefits await a potential FIFO worker?

  • The freedom to live where you choose. By its nature, fly-in fly-out arrangements are set up by organisations willing to cover expenses to transport skilled workers from a variety of locations. This enables you to live in any area you wish, and saves you from having to relocate your family to suit a new position.
  • Although you are involved with rosters and lengthy swings, employees are still entitled to their annual leave. With some prudent planning, those working in mining jobs can take extended holidays that may not otherwise be available to people in different positions, by combining their leave with their ‘off-site’ time.
  • Considering the remote locations of mine sites, facilities will generally be top-notch to give employees a comfortable place to spend their time when not working. It is not uncommon to be surrounded by gyms, swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, as well as rooms with Pay TV and internet connections. Even a laundry service is provided, so when you aren’t working, you can spend your time relaxing.
  • Australia’s mining industry is massive, and so if you prove your worth, there is potential to move up the ladder in your career and obtain exciting new roles.


With such lucrative salaries, there must be a trade-off in kind. Here are some of the cons of working on a FIFO schedule:

  • Due to the logistics and added travel expenses, when workers are on-site, they need to maximise their time. Shift hours can be long, sometimes in excess of twelve hours, and conducted in some of Australia’s most trying environments. It certainly is demanding work with little downtime involved.
  • More on harsh environments, mining sites brings with them excessive amounts of dusts, pests, extreme weather and unforgiving terrain. While your accommodation is built to keep you comfortable, it will certainly pale in comparison to the memories of home.
  • The long stints of time away from friends and families can place great strain on relationships. The isolation felt by the workers, and the developing sense of abandonment felt by those at home, can leave great emotional implications.

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