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While there’s always been the perception that the majority of Australia’s tradies are paid very well, figures from industry watchers and government bodies tell us precisely how well. Recent data from job quote website serviceseeking.com.au shows that not only is it a good life being a tradie, it’s set to get even better, with hourly rates rising across the country.

If you’re considering a career in the trades and need a financial reason to support your decision, let us provide one as we examine these figures and determine which of the most commonly entered trades is the best paying.

Bread and butter trades

Often the trend within an industry is that it’s the role with the greatest amount of niche or speciality knowledge that is the best paying. This is the trend that gives us anaesthesiologists earning nearly $320,000, and high-end finance and commerce lawyers pulling down more than half a million.

Surprisingly, the trades do not neatly conform to this. Here, it’s not the more specific trades such as landscaping, plastering, or tiling that can charge the most, but the trades that many people would think of as bare essentials – plumbers, electricians and builders. This is not to say that these trades don’t involve a significant amount of technical or specialist knowledge, simply that they’re ones with a deal of competition. Plumbers are charging on average $85.67 per hour, with electricians charging $77.59.

Higher and higher

Whether you’re comparing industry against industry or state against state, the cost of hiring tradies anywhere in Australia has risen significantly over the past 12 months, making substantial gains over and above the consumer price index. While the average cost of goods and services only rose 1.8% nationwide, tradies’ hourly rates have risen 4% across all trades. Exceptions to this trend are plumbers and tilers in South Australia, the former seeing their hourly rates falling by 2%, and the latter by a shocking 30%.

Regional variations

As hinted at above, while most boats are benefitting from a rising tide, not all of them are benefitting equally. Many states have seen regional and even per-industry charge increases well above the 4% national average. Both Queensland and New South Wales have seen rises of 9%, while builders in South Australia have proven that falling plumbing and tiling rates are an isolated problem by seeing their hourly charges climb 29%. Australia’s highest paid tradies are Victorian plumbers, able to command on average over $91 per hour for their essential and necessary services.

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